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Su Wai_Practical Translation Course

Sayar Hane Latt Class provides students with useful tools and shortcut to understand the nature of translating the two languages, Burmese and English. During my three months at Peak Point Academy translation classes, I learn to translate mostly from English to Myanmar. Students practice with short essays and articles from the local newspapers.
We might be familiar with both our mother language and English separately, but translating them is another level of exposure. Now I am more aware of the differences in terms of grammar and usage in English, and I have adopted some fun idioms and vocabularies. 

Be prepared, do the weekly homework because this class is challenging, especially for the beginner translators. It requires a lot of self-learning, but thanks to the support from PPA staffs, we get to connect through emails and Facebook messenger which make this fast-paced learning process easier.
I Recommend future learners to join translation classes at Peak Point Academy. And I am looking forward to collaborating with experienced and knowledgeable teachers like Sayar Hane Latt.