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Currently, Peak Point Academy is offering about 30 courses range from General English such Business English, Spoken English, IELTS, Translation Foundation, Translation Intermediate, Translation Advanced, Translation Practical, Interpretation etc.

Depending on the course it can vary from 2 days (intensive training) to 5 months.

Translation Foundation Level targets the beginners who start learning English Translation and want to learn grammar usage through short stories and novels. And translation advanced level is higher than foundation level and appropriate for those who have Basic English skills and are willing to work as Translator.

The main difference between Translation and interpretation is that translation is translating of understanding between written information in different languages and interpretation is communication of differences between languages.

Translation Classes help the students to explore and understand the details, differences and secrets of languages and learn about terminology and technology of translation. And they will acquire great understanding of the influence of culture, politics, and history on language use.

Business English Course is appropriate for people in workplace and which enables them to communicate fluently and effectively in presentations, meetings, negotiation, reports and C.V writing.

Speaking allows a person to communicate and speaking English may help you to improve both in communication and doing professional jobs. For example, if you can speak English fluently, it can lead to a higher level of employment or simply more job prospects. In addition, you may have an opportunity to work or study in English-speaking countries.

People who have intermediate level in general English can join Translation Class and they will learn grammar usage through short stories and novels and also new vocabularies, synonyms and usage of works required for translation.

Four Levels

• Translation Foundation
• Translation Intermediate
• Translation Advanced
• Translation Practical

Currently, Practical Translation in all level and Interpretation Intermediate level are offered in weekends.